The essential keep-in-contact app for preschools, primary schools, high schools and universities - keeping schools, parents and students in touch instantly, easily, affordably...

Key Features

  • News and info: current and archived
  • School calendar: detailed events info
  • Homework: enables workload management
  • Photo gallery: school events, teachers, etc
  • Contact list: details of teachers, staff
  • Emergency: instant contact with parent/guardian
  • Resources: loaded directly to users computer
  • Customisation: to suit school branding
  • Personalisation: select content and news
  • Sharing: send app to other parents/family
  • Detail updating: change info directly from app
  • Versatility: desktop or mobile for home or go
  • User-friendly: easy to install, manage and use
  • Lowers carbon footprint: green, paperless solution
  • Affordable: low setup and pay-per-user-cost
  • Cost-saving: no more printing and paper waste

More information

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